about Hazel Street Press

Hazel Street Press represents a home that fostered the creativity of those within it. This company is founded on the history of this environment and deeply rooted in the skills handed down through generations. This upholds the integration of art into everyday life with practical and intentional application.

what Hazel Street Press can do for you

Everyone celebrates life and the milestones that happen along the way. We recognize our future while living in the moment. Amidst all this, we crave a connection with others; to share our achievements. When it comes to stationery, the options are either underwhelming or generic. There’s a lot out there and not a lot of direction. Maybe you want to make a connection; a relationship where someone considers your vision. You’ll find that we share a common dream: to create something unique that is essential to your new adventure.

about Alex

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make- to create. And doing it for other people is what makes my art worthwhile. I studied art in college, which is where I learned the art of letterpress, and knew that nothing would make me as happy as to pursue a creative life. With the constant help and encouragement from my husband, Alan, I’ve endeavoured into the world of entrepreneurship.

I describe my style (and my life, really) as simple and classic. I find that when the design and composition is natural, other elements are allowed to come into focus. My goal as an artist has always been to show the accessibility and universality of art and how it can be integrated into everyday life. Art is how I know to relate with those around me! I love to help clients find their vision. To create and build work what fits within their aesthetic.

I’m a transplant from Canada currently living in Connecticut. When not working, you can find me binge watching crime shows or washing my curly hair. I’m a barista by day (the caffeine fix is necessary) and a stationer by night. I consider myself a lone wolf, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to be a part of the pack.

I’m so excited to share my journey with you! If you want to learn more about our process or to work with us, head on over to the Contact page.

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